Pengembangan Kurikulum (ELO)


  1. A strong fundamental urban, regional and coastal planning knowledge and the ability to apply and integrate knowledge to identify problems, planning formulation, and solve problems of urban and regional planning field.
  2. The ability to implement the qualitative and quantitative planning and modelling approaches in urban and regional planning.
  3. The ability to take right decisions based on concept, model, planning scenario and planning direction in the field of urban, regional and coastal planning to achieve an innovative and sustainable spatial plan that accommodate the public interests.
  4. The ability to use information and communication technology in data processing, modelling, and the provision of information channeling to stakeholders.
  5. The professional skills necessary to be effective and succeed in the modern workforce including work well in multi-disciplinary teams, the ability to formulate and solve problems, and the ability to communicate effectively, leadership and entrepreneurship, and to uphold standards of planning ethics and professionalism.
  6. The positive attitudes necessary to be beneficial to the society including devoted to the One Almighty God, accountability, social and environment responsibility, and uphold the value of humanity based on moral and ethics.
  7. To internalize cultural diversities, local wisdom, and values/norms in urban and regional planning processes.