Pengalaman Mahasiswa Korea Selama di PWK

Apa kabar!! Nama saya Hong Jang Pyo, saya datang dari Korea. Saya mahasiswa pertukaran dari Universitas Dankook. Saya belajar di jurusan PWK (Perencanaan Wilayah & Kota) dan Bahasa indonesia. Dosen PWK mengajar dengan sangat bagus untuk saya dan teman PWK baik hati kepada saya. Saya senang sekali bertemu denagan Dosen dan teman-teman jurusan PWK. Saya belajar Bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris di ITS. Tolong dengarkan cerita saya.

When I came to Indonesia, I was very scared and worried about many things, including daily life, in Indonesia. It is because lifestyle in Indonesia is different from Korea. For example, there are many Muslims and the weather is very hot and humid. Before coming to Indonesia, honestly I thought Indonesian like to threaten others who have different religion. So, I was worry about changing environment with my parents and Korea friend also. But when I came to Indonesia, it was all wrong. Indonesian doesn’t threaten and they aren’t bad. They make me comfortable and feel safe here. Thereby, I could adapt new environment easily.

My department is Urban Regional planning, or known as PWK (Perencanaan Wilayah & Kota) in Indonesian. When I met PWK professors and students first time, they were all interested in me. They asked me K-POP, Korea history and culture. I answer it all only based my knowledge that I know to them and explained definitely. I am proud as a Korean. As I have some problems or difficulties, they take care of me and send me message such as they help and assist me. I don’t feel difficult during studying in PWK. I think I am very lucky man. I have good opportunity to study here. I learn how to use ARC GIS, Sketch Up, and Adobe Photoshop, which I don’t have any chance to learn while living in Korea. My knowledge about Urban Regional planning surely expands.

Not only coming to Indonesia for study and gain more knowledge, I also come here to know Indonesia much more. During my study in Indonesia, I also spared my time to go travelling to know more about Indonesia. Up until now, I have been to Bromo, Jogjakarta, Bali, Jakarta, and Bandung. It was all so good but to know more about Indonesia archipelagos. For me I like Bandung the most. Bali trip is also memorable since at that time I was going with my parents to have family trip. And it is true that many people say Bali is one of earth’s heavens for its nature attraction.

Talking about language study, I am very grateful for that I have chance to improve my English and Indonesia language skills. Actually, I don’t speak English and Indonesia language very well. My English TOEFL score is poor and I can’t understand Indonesia language. Although my language skills are poor, I always try to study Indonesian in IO (international office) and speak English with friends and professors. Last but not least, once again I would like to thank all PWK professors, especially Pak Aris, Bu Ruli, Pak Heru, Pak Sarjito, Pak Ardy, Bu Ema, Par Nanda, Bu Erli, Bu Bellinda, Pak Surya, Pak Sakti and all of the university students for giving me many helps and opportunities during my study in Indonesia. I could get pride to stay everywhere and improve my language skill. I can’t forget studying in Indonesia.


Hong Jang Pyu

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