Climate Change Adaptation in Europe – Dr. Maria Kaufmann (Radboud University)

Climate change is happening now and is expected to continue. Climate change is a collective problem that must be solved together. Adaptation to climate change is a multi-sector interest that requires a top-down and bottom-up approach. The mayor or city government holds a vital position to make climate change adaptation policy.

Cities matter in Europe. They are centres of innovation and growth, and the engines of European economic development. The impacts of climate change hinder this main functionality of cities acroess Europe. But, adaptation as the first step to tackle the climate problem have less attention and spending. This could lead to higher spending in emergency response and even recovery.

The important issues that should be noticed in adaptation to climate change are the common knowledge of the problem itself. climate change has somewhat ambigous meaning to certain demographic and this could prevent the common understanding of the problem thus making it difficult for policymakers to create efficient adaptation policy.

Other important issues are the institution capacity or political will in local government to create adaptation policy and strategies for urban areas in coping with climate change.

Dr. Maria as decorated environmental governance and politics had make great elaboration on how urban areas in Europe adapt to climate change through top down and bottom up approach. Emphasizing on the needs of new strategies and strengethening the current adaptation policy.Ais.